Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stunning sting

I found myself today,
I am so sleepy,
Got some pills down,
With a bottle of Jack,
I no longer lack,
The dare to,
I lost my nerves,
When I lost my sobriety,
I don't care my will is dead,
I found myself a had,
I am so sleepy,
Fell in this so deep,
The more liquor running,
The more thought stunning,
Deeper the needles,
Deeper my feels,
I'll drown until I breathe,
Just for a relieve,
For an out.

If this poem wakens unpleasant feelings,
If you are in the need to talk,
Or if you have self-harm or suicidal thoughts,
Please follow the link below for online help.

"We can help you get trough this."

It's a messed up world, but life is always worth it. ALWAYS.

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