Monday, March 2, 2015

Foxed or Boxed

At school today,
In a weird way,
I found out,
What I am about,
Not the me,
I was forced to be,
The one I was,
Before I took pass,
The road they all roll,
The acting like a doll,
I am not one to,
Do whats supposed to do,
I am one to free fall,
To be on shearch for a call,
A calling within the soul,
Something to make me whole,
The feeling we look for,
What makes us sure,
We are taking the right way,
But is the right way,
The one straight ahead?
We mustn't forget,
That all in nature,
Is drawn to be circulair,
Not shaped in boxes,
The whole world fillied with hunters,
Filled with hungry man and woman,
And there are just a few foxes,
I guess I'm a fox,
Trying not to get caught in a box.

I'm a fox scared to be placed in a box.

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