Cause it's like breathing for my soul

Why do you write?
They all ask me the same,
He laughed at me,
For being somewhat odd,
I tell them all the same,
I laugh at him,
For always colour within lines,
I write to escape,
To let my thoughts speak,
To let sense get out of paper,
Or to get non-sense from screens,
I write to not be utterly bored,
I write to not fall and snore,
I write to write,
I write to escape,
From life, and living,
From death and dying,
I write to make a path,
An route to flee on,
Cause this life had just begon,
And our life's,
Are not at all ment,
To be lived in a small town,
With small minded people,
So the thought I can not speak,
I write,
So that one day,
When my voice is to be heard,
I've got my speech prepaired...
Why do I write?
Cause paper is the only one,
To listen without judgement,
To hear without distraction,
And to take in without caving un,
Paper understands,
To who'm I write,
Why I want to ignite,
Why I write is a question,
Without answers to be understood,
By anyone accept paper,
And that is the main reason,
Why I write.

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