Monday, March 16, 2015

Hands up

He and I started talking night,
In such a stange way,
I've found a connection,
With someone who for I feel,
Absolutely no affection,
I really tried to,
Dislike you for hurting her,
Leading her on,
But I just think you're grand,
You are so understanding,
For these things,
Not many around see,
In the light of day,
As it appears to me,
Yet you do,
And I want to be mad,
For you keep on making her sad,
But the truth is,
I wonder sometimes,
If it where you and I,
If it where a different time,
Had you never lend her your hand,
Or asked her to wait,
Never took a leap of faith,
Would there have been something,
Between you and I,
Or is it only,
Because I try,
Not to think of you,
And not like you in order,
To make her see,
What you are to be,
The reason why,
I think of you,
I ask myself,
Would you ever be to be named,
Would I have liked you better then?

I'll throw my hands up in the air, act like I don't care... Cause baby,
we where ment to have bad blood.

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