Raining sunshine...

As I sat in the train,
Watching over the clouds,
Making their way away,
To let the sunshine shine,
I found that the it was raining,
Sunbeams down on my cheeks,
Turning red and wrinkled,
From the smile dripping of my face,
For once upon a time,
It feels like everything is falling in place,
I love where I am,
I accept where I've been,
And I can't wait to get where I going,
Yet I am sitting in the train,
Watching over sunny rain,
Smiling as I stare blank ahead,
With these pictures of a moment,
I want to capture forever inside my head,
Hoping I'll never forget,
What I just said...
Raining sunbeams down the way,
Is there anything more to say,
To expect from a lovely day?

It's raining sunshine.

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