Perfect line

I need another story,
Another time to let words flow,
And you know,
Yes you know,
That I only get so,
When your here,
So tell me,
What do you want to hear?
Tell me my dear,
Touch my heart,
Play the part,
And I'll give you,
Another perfect line,
Another verse to show,
To your friends,
To gloat about,
Making me shout,
Scream and dream,
I need another story,
I need a fall,
But I really do no dare,
To even pretent to care,
I am so scared,
To have another story,
Cause stories always mean,
I fall in love, live the dream,
But I don't,
I don't ever want to fall in love again,
I am so scared of another broken heart,
I can not take that part,
The hardest part of all,
Right after the fall...

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I need another story.


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