Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't want you.

Put on my hot pants,
And the panty you torn that night,
Back in August under the starlight,
I whore my all stars shoes,
The one's we used to lose,
Let my hair down,
Making sure I would,
Trigger your memories,
Smell my best,
Pass the test,
And just then when you started,
As you glanced over to say hello,
I walked away,
For the first time,
I no longer wanted you to be mine,
I did not care at all anymore,
The stunningness was to be read of your face,
I just finally found grace in the idea,
That I don't want a love,
That needs to be reminded, manipulated,
One that asks for me to be something,
I am not...
I don't want a love I have to force,
I just don't want you anymore,
I changed my mind,
Sorry, but don't worry,
For you still have her so,
I'll let you go.

If only you where the one...

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