The kids future days...

The idea hit me as the cold winter air,
All kids these days ever see and read,
Is sex, drugs, not going to school,
They say they all feel depressed,
When hardly any of them knows,
What the definition of clinical depression is,
If they where to grow up,
Eventually or ever,
What would they write about,
Paint about?
What masterpieces would come forth,
Out of squandering with health,
With future and love,
Like all you ever get is one day,
They all keep on screaming,
You only live once,
When to me,
You live every day,
You only die once,
Or maybe twice when souls count,
And that's all there is too it,
There is no in twenty years,
When you can't even afford another beer,
There is no future in instagram likes,
Or in mollesting bikes,
The idea hit me as the cold winter air,
That in being completely normal,
I might be rare and special,
These days...

Don't follow the crowd, choose to stand out.

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