Friday, March 27, 2015

Tied only so...

I thought about avoiding you,
But can I even,
When our life's are so close,
When they get played out,
Just a few miles apart,
Not only do we rest our bones,
Not far from the others home,
But also the intwined memories,
We used to share up until lately,
Have you ever thought,
That there might be chance,
That we never go out,
Of each others life's,
Even if we wanted to,
Even if we are not a 'we',
Still forever more,
We will be connected,
Cause we've been infected,
With the others ties,
And even though we try,
You can never untie,
A nod tied to tight...
Of thoughts revolving in,
Midnight starlight..

We are tied only by so many little reasons, like happiness is...
we are as well.

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