Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I ship friendship

These thirteen girls,
Stand beside me,
One by one,
They have begon,
To grow on me,
In different ways,
Recently I started to see,
Some have grown up,
To become,
Wiser then my own mom,
Some of them turn out,
To be more then the topics,
They talk about,
Yet most of them feel,
As my friends,
My best friends for real,
I never believed in love,
Nor did I in friendship,
Yet now that I have found grip,
Beneath my feet,
I must say,
That I wish for them to stay,
I am no longer bitter,
No longer scared,
To get attached,
So I only hope,
They think of me in the same way.

Will you take a picture of us? Thanks it's amazing...
Until we saw it the next day..

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