Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Start to End.

As I was talking with my mom,
In this rainy afternoon,
I realised I'll see you soon,
You're not so far away,
Resting from where my bones stay,
In the end,
We where all ment,
We where all born,
To become skeletons,
Yes indeed.

As I was summing up thoughts,
By telling her my thinking,
I saw that drinking,
Any pain away,
Is never a reason to stray,
From life as it is now,
Cause no matter how many sips,
No matter how many glasses,
Time rarely passes,
Us by without any notice.

As I was pin pointing my feeling,
I found that not believing,
Can also be very deceiving,
In making the choice not to,
You still believe that nothing true,
It feels as if my world is tumbling,
My vision in crumbling,
Yet I am not scared,
Cause non of us was prepared,
For this life we're living,
The life we're given.

And in the end,
We all end,
Just as we all started,
We all end.

Time is short, so think a little less, live a little more.

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