Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm clean now

If our love was to ever call a love at all,
"But didn't it mean anything?" He asked me,
How he dared I still don't understand,
But I know he'll never ask again...
I replied to him,
"It ment something, a lot acctually to me,
Our love was sleepless, like coffee,
But I prefer tea now,
Our love was ruthess and filled with risk,
I play it by he rules now,
Our love was like a storm,
So I hate rain,
Our love was a tight skirt,
The laundry gave it what it deserved,
It's torn stich by stich,
And never again for me will it itch,
Cause it has been tossed and turned,
And if it tries again,
I'm gonna let it be burned,
You where dope when I needed hope,
But I'm clean now..."
He walked away,
With his head hanging down low,
I know that I shouldn't,
But he just got this life of the party in his walk,
The way his shoes tapp on the ground...
I don't know why, 
Cause I know it's not worth another try,
But still I scream "Wait... Wait for me.."

you where like dope when I needed hope but I'm clean now.

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