Friday, October 17, 2014

Like leafs on a tree.

Like leafs on a tree we were,
First green and spotless,
Then as seasons started to pass,
We lost sight of each other,
You fell before me,
But I drifted off further down the hill,
The wind kept blowing us,
Sometimes we got together,
Other times apart...
Like leafs in November,
We started to lose color,
Got all crumbled up,
As December finally arrived,
Almost all the leaf I was,
Had been torn down by the weather,
As the snow was falling,
Water turned to ice,
We were broth freezing,
Like a distance with no end,
And an infinity without time,
Yet as the first flowers came out,
Spring's sun surprised us,
We got melted out of the ice,
And just drifted closer and closer,
At last we sunk,
And we were together forever.

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