Monday, October 13, 2014

I love me enough not to ask...

I'll always keep you with me,
You'll forever haunt my mind,
It's just that I do not always give in,
To that acing feeling of telling you,
Of trying to turn back time,
Of making you see just how much you mean to me,
For you wouldn't do the same,
And even if a hundred world collide,
Even if time where still on our side,
I would not chance what I wish once was changed,
I would let you walk away all over again,
For I'd rather have you walking out on a young me,
Then you and me have become a family,
I know in y head just as well as in my heart,
That our love was always met to part,
And all I ever really wanted for you,
Was for you to breathe me in like I am the only air,
To hold me like I am you;'re favourite teddy bear,
To keep me in you're mind some place close to find,
For you're heart to race like hot wheels when you see me,
And for you to look at me as if I'm the only light you ever saw...
I know now, What I felt back then,
And I feel know what I know,
You will never look at me that way,
So I'm good to say,
That even though I love you,
I'll love you enough to let you walk away,
I love me enough not to ask you to stay.

I'n not the girl who...

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