I've found myself in writing

Last year,
Somewhere in between,
Part of me got missing,
I somehow had a disappear...

Last december,
If I correctly remember,
There was a storm of sadness,
And I just could not guess,
How it was I was missing...

The past,
Six months or so,
This hollow feeling last,
It wouldn't go,
And at last I started to know...

It was not anyone in this world I missed,
It was myself I could no longer find,
I was myself I left somewhere behind...

So for myself I started to search,
And I suddenly had this urge,
To do as my heart told,
It let me back to my own soul..

I am once again complete,
My demons have been defeated.

I'll carry on to no where,
With no one but myself,
And there I will  be happy,
With this simple kind of free.

I've found myself in writing, It's not just a lifestyle, it is my life.

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