Birthday cake

As I was baking her birthday cake,
I was thinking of passed year,
What we had all been trough,
I have seen memories played back,
In which we smiled until we cried,
Memories where we both almost fell asleep,
Some in which we dance and sing,
But most in which we eat,
So I'd thought and thought,
What would be on top of the cake,
She made me a minion,
So I should do something animated too...

While the cake baked and baked,
I thought of more and more things we've shared,
Like watching awkward together,
On lazy sunday afternoons,
A million bus rides together,
A lot of shopping,
But again always food, food, food,
It was always included...

As the oven beebed I knew what to make,
On my best friends birthday cake,
I had to make something that,
Ate a lot like a...
Cookie monster...

Happy birthday.

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