Fame's a mean game

He came to sit next to me at the bus,
It was all in a little bit of a fuss,
But as we started to drive,
This one thing he said,
It hit me hard like a knife,
He asked me how my writing was doing,
That he read my winning thing,
You know you're really gonna be someone someday,
It was ment very nice as an compliment,
But it just wasn't okay,
I am a somebody already today,
Every human being is,
It's not like you don't count unless you make name,
The whole point he wanted me make got miss,
It was such a shame,
That he think this is all for money and fame,
I started because I love to write,
And I will keep on doing it dispite,
What anyone thinks,
I just hope that everyone loves it as much as me,
But doesn't that feeling counts for anybody?
I just hope he will find piece of mind,
And will not being left behind,
In this want for fame,
Cause it's a mean game...
Good luck boy.

The lucky one, +Taylor Swift on we heart it pic. 

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