Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Until time only kept

We were talking about,
People changing,
I instanyly thought of you,
That sunday morning,
You and me in bed,
You looking around the room,
Glancing for hints about,
What I am always hiding,
The pure and true me,
I had this board hanging up,
With pictures filled,
And black and white quoted,
"People change, memories don't"
He read it out loud,
Rolled over in my arms,
Kissed me on the forehead,
And he knew,
I am dreamer, a believer,
I'm just those things that he is not,
I am everything I've got,
He is everything he is,
And together we laid there,
Slowing into reminisce...
Until time only kept,
Our memories the same,
As you used to hold me.

people change, memories don't

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