Friday, October 17, 2014

Girl's got to do, What girl's got to do...

It seemed that I was lacking on words the past days,
But not when you just now got into my ways,
I was always wondering howcome this is still unrealistic,
And then I knew why,
Because it is just as unrealistic as I feel it is,
So it seems we can not absolutely not be friends...

You don't have to call me and say you're sorry,
You don't have to walk me home to ask,
Nor is it a good idea to try and make contact in any kind of way,
Cause don't you've learned by now?
Don't you think you should've learned by now?
All I am going to say is nothing...
Oh nothing...

You go ahead with you're words and thoughts,
Go and find you're path and music,
Leave me here just for me to be me,
And you'll stay there so I'm sure we won't be bound no where,
Set me free, Of this fantasy that was never,
Never ever ment be be anything else then a fantasy,
See imagination is for solo entertainment,
It's a men's own creation,
To put something like that out in the world is asking,
For you're hearts devastation...

I am sorry if I where to cruel for you,
But a girl's got to do, what a girl's got to do.

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agustus walters, better
four, better
noah (notebook), better...

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