Why aren't I allowed?

You said so as I only recalled later,
Cutting me like a knife made of paper,
You won't see a thing,
But you feel the sting...

I said "oh you're thingy"
And you went all "my brother?"
Why are you holding on so cliny,
When you choose for another...

I did not respond,
But I'm sure you could see I was not fond,
Of what you where trying to point out,
Baby, that not what it is about...

I thought you might known me by now,
But I guess I should of known somehow,
That you do not see the good in me,
As in you I do see...

Did you really considered me that low?
After all you put me trough,
I still don't deserve a glow?
Is there something you could do...

Won't you stop me?
We will see,
I'm sure you won't
Because that's you, you don't...

You've never once fought for what you love,
You don't look at me like I'm send from above,
When all I ever did was give you my all,
You just kept on building up a wall...

Now that I've started to move on,
It's seems you don't want me to be done,
With this thing that never got to fly,
And all I do is wonder why...
Why I am not allowed to move on,
When you are long gone...?

For you would never leave her for me,
You would never leave her for me,
You would never leave her for me,
Won't you...?

Maybe I'll meet you again in another point of our life's,
When we are better for each other.

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