Never be as bad as you...

Went to the party,
Did my make up six times,
Kept going back to the mirror,
I was sure he would be there too,
What was I gonna say...?
I didn't matter so it seemed anyway,
He brought her,
Seems that I'm not good enough,
Not what he wanted,
Nor what anyone needs,
I'm a nobody,
Not even a second choice,
More like a "as if",
Or a last resort...
I went outside to the porch,
Lighted a smoke,
He appeared next to me,
Saying "smoking is bad for you..."
As he looked at my red cup,
He went on rambling,
"Why are you drinking,
It could do so much damage,
Grow up it's bad for you,
Why would you do that?"
And I replied,
"Well it can never be as bad to me as you where...?
Can it now..?!"
He was silent,
I speechless as well,
I scared myself for a minute there,
Did not even sounded like my own voice,
When he turned around he still mumbled,
"It could never, I'm so sorry...I am..."
As he walked back to her,
So was I...

smoking could never as bad for me as you.

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