My mind keeps on telling me,
That I want you to wake up someday,
And feel hollow in you're heart,
Right there where I used to be,
That you'll feel sad or lonely,
Someday you'll miss me...
I keep on telling my mind,
That I don't am one of those people,
I want you to be happy,
No matter with who or where,
But my heart whispers,
Oh dear you do care...
And my heart is right,
My heart is always right,
I am more selfish then I hoped myself to be,
For I only secretly hope you're happy,
When you think of me,
Or think of how we used te be,
I want you I really want you to miss me,
For then you and I would have been,
It would've been love.
For only love could keep breaking my heart,
And my heart would keep craving for more,
Only if it was love,
Nothing less, nothing more,

together? forever...

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