Knockie kid.

As I was wondering if you saw it,
I realized you must have.

Or better I know you have,
You always kept tabs on things like that.

That one time you even confronted me with it,
You always keep up to date on post and pics,
On all you can still reach in my life.

But you never reach any further than that,
It makes me kinda sad.

Once you where my all,
It would mean the world to me,
To know if you're proud,
If I lived up to you're expectations...

Then I flashed back to the night when you said,
That you had no more expectations left,
You lied and cheated on me,
Yet in this life there where no expectations for me...

I was even too low for that in you're eyes,
So I turned off my computer,
And smashed some apples...

I hate the fact that I can not hate you,
Not even after all the damage you did,
I still love you, knockie kid.

i wish we did. let get druk and spell our hearts out.

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