Thursday, October 30, 2014

You're beautiful

During my weekend,
I've found someone,
Sitting in my seat,
As I tabbed her on her shoulder,
I told her,
That it was my seat,
She turnes around,
And there I she her,
She is the better half of me,
The part of me I wish,
I could always be,
I did not need,
She had been missed,
For quite some time now,
And all at once there see was,
Like she had never been gone,
Laughing to all around,
Greeting everyone in the crowd,
And smile smile smile,
Oh how she smiled,
As if she lid up the room,
She raised higher then the ceiling,
I've found my believing,
For all these months I was missing,
This thing I could not put my finger on,
It was me, myself I had missed,
And there I was,
As if I'd never left,
I fell back into my arms again,
And reminded myself,
Why I loved me,
I whispered to her as we looked in the mirror,
I've been missing you,
She nodded and said so have I,
I love you, we belong,
I smiled because she knew,
I love myself too. 

Love yourself, it's the most important relationship you have,
you can never break up with yourself.

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