Monday, October 20, 2014

Give me a first chance, again

I never said it to you,
I never spoke the words you deserved to hear,
You did a million things wrong,
But not all,
You were not all flaws,
You were an inperfect man with a perfectly good heart,

We had this talk a thousand times,
Love or falling in love can not be plannend for,
It just happens in a snap second,
You suddenly see something in that person,
It seems so real so ment to be,

I never told you that when we broke up,
Not when I still saw you fading from view,
I did not yell at you "wait",
To tell you out of breath,
I kept it in so maybe someday,
When we where at our second chance,
I could say them,
But we never arrived there.

So I'll say them now,
In the hope I sound,
Just like my voice sounded before,
You will recognize this loving trough all,
When I tell you that I want to,

"Thank you for making me believe, when I was trying not to,
Thank you for making me smile, when I had forgotten how to,
Thank you for making me laugh, when I did not known how that sounded,
Thank you for making me dreaming, while I was wide awake,
Thank you for making me see, that everybody can be loved,
Even me..."

After that when I'll walk away,
I hope you think of me in another light of day,
I hope you flashback and remember,
That we are not looking for a second chance,
But a first,
We never stood a chance,
With everyone trying to tear us down,
So wont you give me a first chance, again?

I'll choose you, always, forever, in a thousand days, you.

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