Writing about you instead of my muse

As I had send her all these links of posts,
She read them all told me they where beautiful,
It makes me grow you know,
The fact that those who inspire me,
Also see in it what I see,
It made me think if you ever think of me,
Like you used to when the sky would shower,
When you where coming home from a long day,
Do you hoop up you're phone in bed,
Lay there staring at you're screen,
Reading them all and in you'll lean,
Or did you forgot me as whole already?
You ever still look in the mirror,
Missing how I would lay my head on you're shoulder,
Do you wonder those times,
If I still write about you like I used to?
Do you ever read it all,
Do you feel what I feel when you...
Is my voice echoing trough you're mind,
When it's one of yours on here you'll find,
A memorie we shared,
A date that has been cared,
I wonder what you think of me,
Every time you see,
On this blog here te word "we"...
Do you wonder if it means us,
Or maybe I have passed off from writing about you,
Found myself a new muse,
But what would be the use,
When all I ever write about is you...
It's all for you...

I used to think of us as two flames combined,
But it seemed I only was the lighter,
And all you ever where was the lair...

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