Drifting in my mind

I was thinking about my thinking,
And thinking how I might be thinking to much,
Or at least I think I think to much.

I was just wondering of,
Into this fantasy that used to be,
So much more natural and close to me.

I might have even been mindless dreaming,
For at one point I was inside a memory we shared,
Or more like you and me talked about it.

Since my consiousness would always know,
That it could never like that again,
I knew that I know it was not what I had known all along.

I was drifting trought my mind,
As a boat in an soulless ocean looking for a harbour light,
I fell asleep just after midnight.

When I woke up by morning sunshine rays,
I remembered it all so vage not sure what way,
So I looked back in time,
And I found you.

Mindless dreaming right in my arms.

when I drift trough my mind I fly like a butterfly

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