Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Revenge is sweeter then fiction

Someone once said to me
"The girl that left revenge behind,
Lived happily ever after..."
I could believe him,
But I don't,
For I got mine,
I saw them all hurt,
Saw the tears in their eyes,
As I used to see in the mirror,
I thrived off of it,
Oh how good it made me feel,
Phenomenally I think,
And now that all is evened,
They will wake up some day soon and see,
That in all this time to be,
I have always been the wonderful and grand me,
And they are as much of a person,
Worth as much as they where when just a child,
They are still depending and helpless,
When I got out,
I was my own ticket out,
While they dug a whole,
For their selfs to die in,
I will laugh as I greet them for the last time,
Spitting on their grave,
When I return,
Known as "that girl so brave"
If I ever will back here once more returned,
I will be when they have all been burned.

Happiness is the best revenge.

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