Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Better take a step back

You and I have this past,
That looks a lot like a crumbled cookie,
Down to pieces shatterd,
All that is left to see,
Is the essence of the purpose to be,
Now you have broken my heart,
Only so many times,
You threw away every vow you ever took,
Gave away all of you're standards,
Just to hold me one more night,
As I recall that was not alright,
They told me about her,
After that all gets a bit blur...
I have always waited,
Out here with arms wide open,
But when you broke my trust,
For me it was a must to protect myself from you,
When he started to talk to me,
There was so much familiarity,
He thinks of you the same as I,
Yet all you see when we talk is a lie,
You become a green eyed monster when you see us,
Tell me baby, does it hurt?
Like you hurt me, is you're heart in pain,
I want to hear you say that you need me,
That if I am happy you are but that you would do,
Anything for me, to get me back,
Like I did and said to you,
But the only thing you do, is assume, judge,
But boy I'll tell you now,
The court might be out but for me it is always you,
I just want you to notice,
That also I have a notice,
If you are not going to fight for me now,
You might as wel never,
So if you find the power to leave her,
Please find yourself as well on my doorstep,
If not you'll better take a stap back,
My life is not in you're hands,
Nor will I ever live according to you're plans.

If you don't cross the ocean I won't jump this puddle.

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