Who I am...

I am..?
Who am I really,
I am not only,
The way I laugh,
Nor am I only the words I speak,
I am as much me as anyone can be,
I am not what you see,
I am what I choose to be,
Each day again,
I will choose in what kind of way,
I want to be myself today,
I am not only what you think of,
When you see the reflection of me,
I am the books that I read,
And the words I cry to as I fall asleep,
I am not the weight of was has happend to me,
I am what I choose to be,
I am what I choose to be,
And you can choose whatever way,
You want to see me,
But I am my favourite color,
I am the swing in my step,
I am the air I breathe,
I am the chocolate kisses,
And the touciness itself,
I hold all these things you cannot see,
So before you judge me remember that,
I am only what I see in the mirror,
And still so so much more...

who I am? That's a secret.

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