Monday, October 13, 2014

You neither...

I was thinking about not thinking of you,
But I don't have to tell you that when I did I didn't do,
Somehow I wished event hough I do not want to see you,
That someday I bump into you,
Like see you at the grocery strore or down the street,
Hear you're swinging stepping feet,
I wish even though I can't admit,
That on my birthday there is still a candle you lit,
I hope that in you're darkest days at 2 a.m.,
You'll think of me,
That whenever life gets you down,
You smile when you'll recall,
Who we used te be...
We will never be the same and at the same time never different either,
I hope you remember little details about me,
And little things we used to share or see,
I wish for you to wish for me,
Because that's what I do...
The only thing withholding me from picking up the phone,
Is that I doubt if you ever think of me,
And so it seems that every time I do not do,
You neither.

nobody said it was easy...

Like this like us! :)) Thanks xoxo

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