Lies lies lies

He just walked into the bus,
Since we go way back,
I thought "hello" wont hurt,
But je looked at me like dirt,
He turned his nose,
When he was the one who,
Wanted me to break up,
Tries to make me cheat,
He wished I'd fall for it,
Even if it was just for one night,
But I never did,
I told him then,
"Youre a little too late,
And I believe in faith,
So there must be a reason,
Why youre no longer in season..."
Are you still maf about that now?
When all I ever was with you,
Was pure and honest,
I never tried to make believe anything,
While you tried to trick me with everything...
At least I know,
That I was the one to win,
All you ever do is sin...

how can you tell lies and never feel sorry?

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