Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm dying to stop trying

There is this beautiful boy,
So close to me,
But I can not touch,
For it would be wrong to,
It's not something I would do,
But every time he looks in my eye,
I can not tell you why,
Somehow I fall in love all over again...

If he'd only saw what I see when he looks at me,
If he'd only knew what I wouldn't do,
If he'd only saw how I'm dying so hard not to try,
I wonder if he looks in my eyes,
If he can see, what I feel inside of me...

There is this wonderful man,
Who is too near,
But I could never call him dear,
Never keep him here,
It would not be right,
Even though it feels alright,
And now every time he looks at me,
I wish I could be,
Next to him tomorrow morning...

If he'd only known, that I had been waiting all along,
If he'd only known he was my superman all this time,
If he'd only knew I am dying to stop trying,
I wonder if he will ever notice,
That he is all I miss...

kiss me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?

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