Wait for me

In the sound of you're voice last night,
I heard there was this shiver,
The doubt in the words you spoke,
I suddenly realised all these things,
That used to make no sense in my head,

You won't look in my eyes, for you might fall in love,
You don't touch me, for you might feel something beautiful,
You can not find the power to leave her behind,
So it's hard when in wishes upon stars it is me you find,
All because you want me to wait for you...
You want me to wait for you,
This world just keeps spinning,
And more and more you lose and they're winning,
When you want me to wait for you...

When you dance with me without touch,
So close yet no eyes to hold on to, to follow,
Was it all you wanted to do?
When we walked along to our bikes,
When they left us all alone in the dark night,
As you did not return home before dawn,
Did you did it all on purpose?
Where you making the decision not to wait?

Babe don't look in my eyes, I don't want to fall in love,
Do not touch me, I don't want to feel what you might do,
I can not find the power, to fight for you in this hour,
It's so hard to love with a heart that's been broken,
But I wish you would wait for me to heal,
I want you to wait for me...
This world that keeps on turning,
It seems that I am always the fool,
No that you keep on leaving me for anyone,
When I want you to wait for me...
Baby wait, just wait for me...

If you where not so scared of facing this world all on you're own,
If you'd only known, that I had always loved you so,
We would be together, I could wait for you, you could wait for me,
Won't you look the other way just one more time,
Until it's the perfect time when nothing is holding us back to make you mine.

loading, new life, waiting for infinity.

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