Do you, do, Sometimes?

Around the time,
I imagine you're waiting,
Sitting on you're room,
Or standing against the wall,
Laying in bed,
Tired from a long week,
Do you think of me?
Travel back in time?
Smile as the memories pop-up...?
I do...

Around the time,
I imagine you're lost,
Wondering in you're head,
Searching all around,
For a shared thought,
Of you and me,
Do you go here then?
Read my words of that date...
I do...

When one of those,
Unforgettable memories seems forgotten,
I go back to the date,
Look for it here in my dairy,
Where you as well can see,
Just how much those little things we shared,
Ment to me...
I think about it...
Do you?

sometimes I still wonder why things happend the way they did.

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