Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A nightmare that's no where...

I had a nightmare,
Oh my scare,
I did not dare,
To look in the dark,
To find a light spark,
He asked me,
What's wrong sweetie,
Without me showing,
Somehow he known,
Explained my dreams,
That I heard screams,
He held me tight,
Promised I'll be alright,
Next thing I knew,
He flew,
When I got to my bed,
I found a teddybear,

"To my dear,
For easily resting you're head...
Never ever forget,
You're not alone,
Not even when I'm gone,
The bear is there,
To take good care,
Of my precious..."

I think he is the one... don't you?

some people care too much... I think its called love...
-- winnie the pooh

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