Themed party

It was the maskerade of the year,
Nothing else even comes near,
It the one night you dance,
Until you feet scream no chance...
You laugh and yell,
When there goes the last round,
The last bell,
Take on more look around,
See you're dirty shoe's on the ground,
Fall ten times while biking home,
Laying in bed thinking all alone,
That these are the nights,
That have turned into day's,
And shame that turned into stray's...
It's the kind of memories,
That we'll be playing back over and over,
The one's you share with you're lover,
It's the little town things,
The dancing and the sings,
That no one else understand,
See those city folks they can't,
Imagine what it's like,
It's the party of a decade,
Only made,
By our own.

themed animal party yeahhhh

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