Fake friends

People always say that you get what you give,
Well I discovered that it is not like that at all,
The world is not even close to anything that honest...

I gave you my all, my love, everything and anything I shared,
All I got from you was my heart broken and scarred,
Nothing easy or equal there...

That girl that has something nice to sa about everyone,
I'm that girl, whatever you share with me, I'll make you smile in my reply,
But then when I share and I rarely do, they don't respond not even a try...

I'm to one that always remembers when there is something special,
And I really thought that that was a special gift, being thoughtful and all,
But it seems non of them care to even once make me feel just as them...

They only succes in make me see that I will be as special as I try to,
For you see "people want to see you do good but never better then them"...
And I guess I did, Now envy and jealousy are the only things the share,
Did they even ever cared?

we are no friends, I thought you where but it turns out...
you are just as fake as you're face under make-up,
you can't cover up you're personality you know!

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