Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Top #3

He said to me,
Out of the bleu,
He you know,
You could make,
A top 3...

You've got a place,
In 3 books,
So I should,
Probbably think of,
My top 3,
For someone someday,
Is gonna ask me...

I just laughed,
Looking weird at him,
Saying "You stupid..."
But it was not,
What I was thinking,
At all...

I just got,
The good kind,
My heart skipped a beat,
When you said so,
I got so proud,
Like I have never,
Really ever,
Been proud of any,
Accomplishment or whatever,
Until he spoke,
These words...

Look how far,
We've come...

The only thing,
In my mind...

Look how far,
We came...

something always brings me back to you...

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