Back to strangers

We met so many years ago,
I still exactly know,
What you were wearing,
The way you where staring,
Following me with you're eyes,
It took me by surprise,
You started the conversation,
Yet it was nor the place nor the occasion,
Some what uphead in time,
When we shared a dime,
I saw "some other time" as that night,
You're green brown eyes hold so much light,
You made me smile like I never did before,
So I went looking for more,
You gave me a call,
On that date I took a fall,
I fell in love and hard,
My whole soul every single part,
I laid out for you to see,
All that is called "me",
It seemed you liked it,
For you admitted,
That I was not the only one taken a hit,
We met so many years ago,
We both know...
Even after all we been trough,
We now are at the same point as we started,
We're strangers,

Alone I roam the streets, we're stranger so I'm left now,
by myself, alone. Overthinking all, and I've come to the
conclusion, we're strangers, again.

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