Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I will aMUSE myself

They all want to know the same,
Have you written about me?
It's such a shame,
It makes it all seem kinda like a...
Like a cat and mouse game.

They all want to read it,
Wanne hear the words echo in their head,
It pathetic, it's so sad,
For I only give you credit,
If you deserve,
And rarely they who deserve ask.

You asked me that one night,
When you and I watched starlight come out,
You thought that I might,
Had wrote some about you,
For you recognized these thing you'd do...

Saying and thinking about these words back then,
Thinking about the what and when,
Inspiration is not you're creation,
It is mine,
You don't create anything by the way you dictate,
How you make me hate faith.

I choose my inspiration to become an creation,
It was never you,
It will never be you,
I am my only muse,
An so I will amuse myself.

You never saw how much it hurt me, I'm a strong woman.

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