Friday, October 31, 2014

Sin is in...

It's here again,
That time of the year,
We the memories are alive,
But seem to disappear,
You and I,
Opposite sites of the room,
Follow each other around,
Like man follow girls perfume,
Or girls watch boys act tough,
The way it goes,
The way it has always been,
And we're no different,
I love the way,
We never truly fall apart,
We always fall back together,
When ii run from you,
I run right into you're arms,
If I try to go out and hide,
it is always you're headlight,
Shining down the road,
We have a love that weighs like a load,
I need you when I don't want to,
And you want me when you don't need to,
We'll just go spinning round and round,
I'll just want more and more and more,
We'll spin faster then ever before,
Until we crash the hardest we ever have,
And as you will leave you're marks on my back,
I'll leave the scars on you're arms,
We'll stay like tattoo's on the skin,
Like a satin for the biggest sin,
We'll stay in forever,
As a never...

She's a sin, But she's also my win,  I'll always give in.

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