Thank you

I always wondered what it would be like,
To be someone who would write,
Things that others like to read,
Or even love to,
Can't stop reading,
Or re-read all the time,
Every single word on the paper,
The poems on the screen,
The pictures that I post,
It came to my attention,
That this dream I once had,
This longing to hold,
A story to be told,
Is now to be called,
I am the paper bag writer.
I'll write my own story now,
Fill the pages,
With my minds own creations,
All I wanted you to know,
What I wish you would now,
"Thank you..."
For making me believe,
That dreams come true...
I .... you.

Thank you for making me do, and teaching me,
what I thought you needed to be thought,
I my believing in you I forgot te believe in me,
And somehow you turned it all around...

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