Sunday, November 30, 2014

we'll meet again

I walked trough the door,
Cold winter air floated in,
It smelled like a warm christmas inside,
I remember you holding my hand tight,
Not this time though,
You where on the other side of the bar,
You're green brown eyes flashed across,
Looking for mine, as you lost you're mind,
And as you walked towards me,
I knew you could see,
What I've saw coming for so long,
And in that moment,
You felt what you fought you had forgotten,
You forgotten how to love,
But you fell than and there that second,
I smiled because I saw,
And you're eyes,
Had never smiled so bright,
Right into mine,
We walked trough the door,
Warm christmas air floated out,
You where holding on tight.

I honestly believe we will, and it will be just like I imagined. 

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