Like a stone to the head,
I took it hard,
Fell to the ground,
In the worst kind of way,
Hit rock bottom,
No one was there,
All those who I used to call friends,
They all vanished,
No one had time,
But when I was in wonderland,
They never let go of my hand,
Only when I had,
The acces to wonderland,
Life was worse but so much better,
When my words where only a scarlet letter,
Now all depends on,
What they think of me,
What they want me to be,
How I should behave,
They reward of punish me with their attention,
But I won't play this game no more,
I'll build here on my own,
On the rock foundation,
A own wonderland,
For only me and those surrounding me on,
This hard hard ground,
A pass to go and get a free dance around,
In my beloved and hated wonderland,
Wonderland, land, land....

All the pages of us, stories we shared,
I'll burn it all,
I'l make my own wonderland,
Where you can't,
Touch me now.

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