I want a fearful love.

It was silent, still,
Nothing happens here,
It was calm and easy,
It was perfectly fine,
A nice date...
But there was this one thing,
I missed the trill,
The awkward,
The funny,
The screams,
The laughter,
The looks and
The pains...
I missed someone,
Like you,
I missed the waking up around 2am,
By one of you're drunk calls,
I miss hating how much I love you,
I want to fight and break up,
Just so we can make up,
And he is just absolutely nice,
Fine, polite and all,
But he's not you...
He was silent, still,
As I happend here,
He took it calm and easy,
So I fearfully tried to pretend I was fearless,
As I took of to go back to you,
I felt perfectly imperfect,
And all was fine once again.

Fearful is fearlessness at construction.

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