Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rainbow friendship

If all friends where colours,
Mine would be a rainbow...

The red one is the ever intense,
Always feeling, never fading,
Life it up when you're young,
In the spotlight kind of friend.

The orange one is the bright smiling,
For ever dancing, party making,
Talks until 2a.m. in you're car,
Laughter creating kind of friend.

The yellow one is the always happy,
Giraffe t-shirt, never lose hope,
I will keep listening while rambling,
Always stay in love kind of friend.

The green one is the ever wise,
I have to talk to you kind of girl,
She knows me better then I know myself...
... Sometimes. Advice kind of friend.

The bleu one is changing like the sea,
But never changes her beauty,
The calm and storm its the all-in,
Go with the waves kind of friend.

The purple is the in between one,
It can go to almost blue and black,
But also back to red, it's a flower that grows anywhere,
She's the cameleon kind of friend.

The Indigo is the quiet but speaking,
Observing and enjoying in the littlest,
One with a picture to put in a frame,
She's the friendly and funny kind of friend. 

If my friends where like a rainbow,
I would be the sun and the rain,
All at once combined,
I can be as emotional as a hurricane,
Or as clean as a drizzle,
I can ba as warm and save as the sun,
Or burning to fire as the beems it sends...

If we where,
Like a rainbow.

you can't have a rainbow without a little rain...

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