Winter wonderland

Christmas time is coming,
Thinking about you and me,
Everything we could've been,
All the nights side by side,
We we're lights all by ourself,
Did not need any power to enlight,
By the look of you I ignite,
If I could hold you just one more time,
I would put you and me,
Together in a little snow globe,
And until christmas is coming,
We would be packed in a box,
Standing on the addict,
Far away from the cold cold world,
Just you and me,
In our winter wonder land,
We'll spend countless nights,
Spooning side by side,
Watching the snowflakes fall by day,
If you'd only stayed...
All there was to do, 
All I needed from you,
Was for you to,

Let's make a winter wonderland together,
Watch the snowflakes fall.

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