Thursday, November 6, 2014


"What was depression like?"
He asked me,
So I told him...
"When I had depression,
The world seemed so far away,
From this place where I was in,
They all think,
That you just need to get out,
Have some good times,
Forget about it all,
But it is not to be forgotten,
It is always there,
Hidden somewhere inside,
You're mind, you're heart,
It always there with a headstart,
It whispers me that,
"I'm not good enough"
"I don't fit in"
"I'll never be good enough"
It was like my life was no longer,
Worth living for,
Every single day I'd die,
And I've had a million funerals,
Every day funerals,
I'd died a thousand times,
And I was still drowning,
Right there on solid ground,
Where no one seems to notice,
How dark this is getting,
All I want is to come home...
The days drift away,
A vage numb feeling take over,
All you do is cover,
Cover how you're dying wish,
Is to die...
After this million day funeral..."

depression is a million day funeral.

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