Saturday, November 8, 2014


He said to me,
"Don't ever feel like there is something you miss?
It's this thing I can't put my finger on,
I don't know what it is,
And still I feel this incredible miss,
No one else around me seems to mind,
That there is more to live than what they've found,
But I do, I know there must be more,
There is something I am missing,
The piece that makes it complete,
Do you ever wonder like me?
Do you ever feel te same?"
It made me think right away of the times when,
I really did wonder it,
But it was not up to me to tell him,
These are the kind of things in live,
You must find out for yourself.
So anyways I looked him in the eye and began...
"My dear what would there be to miss,
I've gotten myself and that all I need,
I am blessed with the love from my family and friends,
I have been given you the best thing that was ever to be called mine,
And I am still so young to have every single possibility in live,
That I could ever think of...
I miss noting but the fearlessness I had once,
I have so much to lose now..."
"What do you mean now" he asked,
"Well... First there was nothing,
I did not knew who I was, so there was nothing to lose,
But as I traveled, and wandered and learned,
I begon to know myself and I got quiet fond of me,
Then just as if God had planned it all came to an end,
I wend back home and it was like all was the same as I left it,
When I ran off in all my fear for that place,
I came back with only love for it,
Maybe that's whats missing for you...
Acceptance for what is, what is not, and what one day might be..."
With that last sentence he started to look at the ground,
That word "acceptance" was the bruise that troubled his mind,
Yet also the only thing that could ease it again...

Life goes on, whether you choose to move one,
Take a chance in the unknown, or stay behind. 

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